Yes you can! How? By incorporating the work of internationally recognized artist Don Drumm into our new, imaginative and inspired contemporary SCOTT THOMAS FURNITURE pieces.

We've incorporated the metalwork of Don Drumm into our furniture.  Don, the guru of aluminum metal art is internationally recognized.  Our heads of state have presented his artifacts to heads of state in Europe, Israel, China, and Africa.  He was the first in the U. S. to receive the American Institute of Architects "Artist and Craftsman Excellence Award".  For a really interesting biography of Don Drumm, click under "The Artist" at the top of this page.  Don's work is phenomenal, very unique, highly collectible, and constantly increasing in value.

We were highly successful with our line of innovative traditional European furniture styles, introduced at High Point’s Fall, 1995 show. Sales took off and our traditional styles were placed in several U.S. Embassies. We received the coveted Pinnacle Award for furniture design.  Founder and president, Rosemary Albright Hamed is constantly alert for methods to change and improve our product lines; watching for ways to provide more choices and value for our clients.

In a business started many years ago, Rosemary has never deviated from her work principles. Below are her direct quotes:

I BELIEVE THAT *** Hard work & perseverance produces good results.
THAT *** Professional Integrity IS Essential.
THAT *** Good Service will get results.
THAT *** Time is valuable, and we will not waste yours when you use our services.

Our employees wholeheartedly embrace and embody these values.


Combining SCOTT THOMAS FURNITURE’S unique contemporary furniture pieces with art pieces from RENOWNED and INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED artists’ work creates future collectible furniture.  As the value of the artists’ work increases in value, so will the furniture pieces.  Customers will receive a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY verifying each piece of STF Don Drumm Collection contemporary furniture purchased.